Diamond medical professional owner cheated me





I still bear in mind how I walked right into Ruby medical professional store. I had a lot expectation from the shop. I never ever thought that points would certainly be the method they are now. One of the most aggravating things that I still find hard to fail to remember is the method the diamond doctor owner lied to me on the quality level of his precious jewelry. They are of quite low quality but he lied that they are of high quality. This made me use a lot of money in acquiring under grade jewelry. Diamond doctor store is like an actual conman where you trade your cash in exchange for really unworthy products. After I had actually spoken with the owner on the way they can assist me out, I was rudely informed to arrange my very own problems since that when they market items, they could not receive them back. I really felt humiliated and conned out my hard made money. I could not think my eyes when some of the gems that I had actually bought from the shop started peeling the very first layer. Jewels that had cost me a bunch of cash when acquiring them had actually become squandered. Check out MyThreeCents




An additional thing that really made me hate diamond doctor owner and also his workers is the way they manage their customers. They have a really inadequate consumer relationship. This is a big concern that made me term diamond doctor bad company that it is. Nothing made me love returning there. I still are sorry for being their client. The workers at the store were not also assisting me out in coming up with a good gem that would certainly not disappoint me whatsoever. All they cared for is me getting anything from their shop. This was rather wrong of them.




When I made a decision to choose different settings of the available rings at the shop, diamond doctor owner informed me that there were only the readily available setups to the rings. I understood this after I chose to see an additional fashion jewelry store. Diamond doctor Dallas was fairly unsatisfactory. They stock second-rate rings that leave you with a very little option on what to get. They had merely cheated me on the accessibility of added kinds of rings.




Gems are quite crucial not minding if they are planned for. They are normally what we all desire to have and keep them forever because of their worth. The worth is both in financial terms and value. After all this, I understood that diamond doctor sell bad jewelry. I made up my mind to never arrive once again. They actually cheated me on the jewelry I wished to purchase.




In situation you have some strategies of purchasing precious jewelry any time quickly whether wedding rings, pendants, bracelets, jewelries or any sort of kind of fashion jewelry, please prevent diamond doctor shop. I would not wish to see you irritated and also dissatisfied like I was left. If you do not intend to buy bad jewels, avoid the diamond doctor shop, or else you will certainly be draining all your cash into the wrong place. I still really feel cheated up-to-date.