I will certainly never acquire anything at Diamond Doctor Shop!



Buying from Diamond Doctor precious jewelry shop is just one of one of the most foolish actions I have ever before made. I had the interest in some diamond pendant and decided to go as well as acquire it from the shop. I was in for an impolite shock in the next few weeks. The store has a few of the most awful workers I have actually ever seen. From their way of talking with their means of welcoming me every little thing was quite not in order. I had hopes and I thought that I would certainly be treated with the best treatment that I can obtain. This was just for a moment's idea. The very first thing that I got was the inquisitive shop attendants who were really impolite as well as did not have decorum. I had not had sufficient from them when David Space, who is additionally the proprietor of the shop, asked me if I was uncertain of just what I needed at the shop in a really sarcastic way. As a matter of fact the few mins that I invested at the shop seemed like days.




Well, their client care is really wanting, yet then also if they take care of that part, they will certainly still have the issue of overpricing gems that are not also to criterion. I acquired a locket at a rate which was double the understood and also stipulated cost. I discovered this later on from a pal. So I knew, after that I would certainly have not even risked getting involved in Diamond Doctor Fashion jewelry shop in Dallas. Actually I almost began a Diamond Doctor Fraud case since the store was as well as is still a fraud situation. This is as a result of the way they overcharge their diamonds which are also below standards.




I vowed to never buy anything from medical professional ruby after I understood that they even equip subpar products. This is because when you purchase even rings from the store; they begin removing the covering definition they are also not real. When I called David Blank Diamond Doctor owner, I truly felt it bad because he is likewise big-headed. You need to never consider acquiring anything from the shop. The place is such a severe conning system.




Whenever I remember the bad time at Diamond Doctor Dallas, I feel like I could sue them as a result of the moment they wasted as well as the energy they lost my precious time. I just pray that you keep off that area if you do not should suffer through some bad times at the shop. You even a lot better keep an eye out for a much better store which will certainly value your component as a client. Check out Reviewopedia




An additional boring point that made me never ever to see the shop again is the fact that they do not offer GIA licensed rubies and some jewelry at the very same rate to the wholesalers and also the merchants. The store is a fraud that disadvantages people, not by force, but with cunning actions.




In case you have a pal, please never refer him or her to this shop. If you do not intend to keep on grumbling after purchasing some jewels, stay clear of the shop.


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